Monkey Business swings into Forest Hill

Venture into the heart of the forest and explore the fascinating world of primates in Monkey Business, an exciting new exhibition opening at the Horniman on Friday 12 February 2021.

From the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla, visitors can come face to face with more than 60 spectacular taxidermy specimens of monkeys, apes, lemurs, lorises and bush-babies, alongside models, stunning photography and film.

From a chimpanzee fishing for termites to a tarsier using ultrasonic communication, this family-friendly exhibition examines the key characteristics of primates and how they have evolved and adapted over time, how they communicate, and the tools they have developed to obtain food.

It also reveals their complex social systems and looks at the relationship between humans and other primates – our closest living relatives – today and what we can do to help protect them.

Monkey Business has something for everyone. With more than 60 staggeringly life-like taxidermy specimens at its core, Monkey Business introduces us to the wonderful world of primates, revealing the depth and diversity of life in the primate world, their long evolutionary history and why we are all primates.

Over half of the world’s primate species are now threatened with extinction. Monkey Business explores how primates face an increasingly uncertain future and explains that it’s not too late to act. Many people around the world are working hard to protect primates, from preserving and restoring habitats, to working on primate conservation and reintroduction programmes.

The Horniman is doing its bit too. We are committed to reducing our environmental and carbon footprint, increasing biodiversity in our Gardens and local environment, and are inspiring others to do the same. Everyone can do something to ensure that our closest cousins thrive and survive. Find out how, in this fantastic exhibition.
Jo Hatton, Keeper of Natural History

Monkey Business is open from Friday 12 February to Sunday 31 October 2021. The Horniman will be hosting special activities throughout the year linked to the exhibition. Tickets on sale from 2021.

Horniman Members and Benefactors enjoy free, unlimited visits to the exhibition.

Monkey Business is a National Museums Scotland exhibition, touring in association with Nomad Exhibitions.

All the taxidermy specimens in the exhibition are natural casualties donated to National Museums Scotland.

No animals were harmed for this exhibition.

Images: © National Museums Scotland. The downloading of images for use by third parties and end users is strictly prohibited. Downloading of images for commercial purposes will be treated as a serious breach of copyright and legal action will be taken by National Museums Scotland.