Home education

The Horniman offers a dedicated programme of object handling and outdoor workshops for home educated learners and their families.

Home education and the Horniman


Workshop: Rhythms of the World

Date and time: 14 June, 1pm—2pm

Tickets: £3 per child

Tickets will be released two weeks before the workshop.

Age: 9—17

Topic: Music

Go on a journey around the world as you explore the science of sound whilst playing traditional instruments from West Africa, northern India and Trinidad in this exciting hands-on workshop.

Discover why squeezing the strings of a West African talking drum changes its pitch; learn to speak and play Indian bols on traditional drums; and consider why some Trinidadian instruments are made of unusual materials.

Home Education Day: People and Nature

Date: 19 May

Come and join us for a day of workshops, explore indigenous peoples’ traditional ways of life, discover wonders of the natural world, discuss human impact on nature and solutions for positive change.

Use our learning resources

Use our learning resources and collections to explore a range of fascinating topics, from ancient history to habitats, to musical instruments.

Our resources can also be used flexibly, so can create your own activities, projects and learning materials too.

There are lots of ways you can use the resources and collection:

  • Encourage independent research: select three objects to explore in detail and create a fact file.
  • Download the pictures and text to create and give a presentation on your chosen topic.
  • Develop investigation and deduction skills by identifying ‘mystery’ objects.
  • Create a sketchbook of your favourite Museum objects.
  • Curate a mini-museum in a box. Print, draw or sculpt objects from the Horniman’s collection, research and write information labels, then design your own museum trail.

Home learning challenges

Arctic adaptations

Explore Arctic adaptations with Lucy and Shayna. How do animals and people survive in the extreme Arctic environment? Try some of the challenges at home.

This resource is suitable for children aged 5-11 years and covers:

  • Science;
  • Geography;
  • Literacy;
  • Design and Technology.

Become a curator

Why do objects mean so much to the people that collect them? Explore the reasons why museums collect objects with Shayna and Lucy, and curate your own cabinet of wonders.

This resource is most suitable for children aged 7-13 years and covers:

  • Literacy;
  • Language;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Design and Technology.

Explore more

Let’s talk toys

Explore the mechanisms, materials and significance of toys from around the world with Lucy and Shayna.

This resource and activities are most suitable for children aged 5-7 years and covers:

  • Science;
  • Geography;
  • Design and Technology.

Ancient Benin

Join Lucy as she talks about this replica of a brass plaque made in ancient Benin. Learn about the symbolism of these objects and the stories they tell.

This resource and activities are most suitable for children aged 7-12 years and covers:

  • History;
  • Literacy;
  • Art and Design.
Learn about the Lost Wax process, and consider the modern history of the Benin Bronzes

Turtle trouble

Join Shayna as she talks us through challenges around our oceans, plastics and the creatures, like turtles, who may eat them by accident.

This is most suitable for children aged 7-11 years and covers:

  • Science;
  • Environment;
  • Design and Technology.

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