Adolescent Wonderland

Adolescent Wonderland celebrates the energy, love and humour of First Nations young people living in Coen, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia.

Taken over a number of seasons between 2019 and 2023, Naomi Hobson’s photographic series presents a raw, honest beauty that elevates the voices of young people in her community, encouraging them to tell their own stories in their own way.

Vibrant full-coloured portraits highlight the young people’s individuality and self-expression against black and white backgrounds, speaking to the importance of preserving their culture and history.

Adolescent Wonderland has previously been exhibited across Australia. This is Naomi Hobson’s first international show.

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Naomi Hobson

Naomi Hobson is an artist of Southern Kaantju descent who works across painting, photography and ceramics. Her relationship with photography started when she began documenting her clan members working on their traditional lands in Cape York, Queensland, Australia.