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Join the Environment Champions Club and take part in activities to tackle the climate and ecology emergency.

Planet Earth is an amazing place. It is a home for us humans, and for millions of species of animals and plants.

However the climate and ecology crisis puts that at risk. Animals and plants are disappearing rapidly due to pollution, increased temperatures, habitat loss and illegal hunting.

In the Horniman’s Environment Champions Club (ECC), you will find:

  • Answers to your climate and ecology questions
  • Inspiration for positive actions to tackle climate change
  • Activities to learn about nature and wildlife how you can help it
  • Useful information and resources for children, parents and carers

Scientists say time is running out but it is not too late if we act now. We can still change things and together we can protect the home we love.

What can I expect to do when I join the ECC?

We will suggest activities you can do from home, at the Horniman or in your local community, to help you to take action in your daily life.

This free virtual club is for children between six and 10, and their families.

Activities could include:

  • Finding out how to support pollinators
  • Reducing plastic pollution with easy swaps
  • Cooking a meat free meal

Each one of us can make small positive changes in our day to day lives to take care of the environment.

How can I join the ECC?

The ECC is primarily an online club.

First, sign up to our monthly ECC newsletter below.

You’ll then receive an email with a link to join the Facebook group. All the resources and activities will be shared in the Facebook group, so make sure you join the Facebook group! You can also share your own progress and tips with the rest of the club.

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Climate and Ecology at the Horniman

In 2019 The Horniman Museum and Gardens declared a climate and ecological emergency. The creation and running of the ECC is a key part of our Climate and Ecology Manifesto which was announced in 2020.

Find out more about all our actions and commitments.